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At BowerComm, our work is all about the Journey to Yes. And no matter who you're asking to say "yes"—prospects, customers, donors, employees, or influencers—the planning process follows the same nine steps. It's a process we've honed through years of experience at both local and global ad agencies, and with organizations ranging in size from one employee to hundreds of thousands.

It's through this experience that we've learned how to create strong brand foundations, lead generation through content-driven funnels, stealth approaches on social media, the ins-and-outs of digital advertising, and telling compelling stories through both video and the written word.


BowerComm Small Business of the Month

BowerComm Named Small Business of the Month

A group of our staff gathered at the Kansas State Fair to receive the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce small business of the month award.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Lori Bower 


Chief Strategist.

Creative Director.



Bailey Ramsey 

Director of Account Management.


Story Teller.


Erin 1.jpg

Erin Swearer

Director of Operations &

Creative Resource Manager.

Process Engineer.

Chaos Control.


Jo 1.jpg

Jo Hoffman

Director of Digital Media.

Idea Generator.



Join Our Team

At BowerComm, we help organizations of all sizes transform their communications for a new level of impact. Our team of strategists knows the back roads of brand engagement, lead generation, and customer relationships—and everything in between. We primarily advise companies in the telcom, manufacturing, agriculture, nonprofit and professional services industries. Join us to help clients map out a Journey to Yes, so they can invest wisely for getting where they want to be.


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