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Erin Swearer
Community Lover

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Erin joined the BowerComm team in 2019 as their Project and Operations Manager.


Prior to working for BowerComm, Erin worked in HR/payroll and held a variety of positions at law firms. She also graduated from Emporia State University in 2009 majoring in English and minoring in Business.  Erin was thrilled when she found an opportunity that combines her love of organizing and data management with her desire to help the community through a local business. 


After living several years in Chicago, Erin and her husband, Jackson, moved back to Kansas in 2015, and they couldn’t be happier about their decision.  In 2018, they took the plunge into homeownership and can be found working on (or dreaming of) projects to make it their own.  She enjoys attending various community events such as Third Thursday, Talk20, and opening receptions at the Hutchinson Art Center.  Recently, she found her love of hiking and appreciates a quick, summer trip to Colorado.

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