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Your organization deserves more impact.

These 9 steps will lead you there.
In this 8-minute training, you'll discover...
  • A proven 9-step process to help you stop the hamster wheel of directionless communications through a focused message and unified plan
  • The critical steps most organizations get wrong in their communications
  • A case study to inspire the possibilities in your own organization
What's next?
After watching the training video, book a call with us to discuss how we can help your organization stop feeling undervalued and unknown—and start accelerating growth.


Community Foundation of West Georgia

Kansas Methodist Foundation

McPherson County Community Foundation

Grant County Community Foundation

Hutchinson Community Foundation

Western Kansas Community Foundation

United Methodist Health Ministry Fund

Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine

West Central Initiative (Minnesota)

West Marin Fund

Great Theater (Minnesota)

Bethany Retreat Center (Pennsylvania)

Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging (Pennsylvania)

Prairie Independent Living Center



Hear from 
Kim Jones
Community Foundation of West Georgia

about their Journey to Yes
Tri Valley.jpg

At Tri-Valley, we were facing greater competition from other disability supports providers, as well as a decrease in state funding. BowerComm helped us transform our communications from outdated and inconsistent, to modern, strategic and cohesive—so that we could persuade potential clients and donors to say “yes” to Tri-Valley. The Journey To Yes process not only gave us a smart plan, but it also involved our two boards and staff along the way to ensure that everyone was aligned.

Tim Cunningham
Former CEO, Tri-Valley Developmental Services
Current CEO of Cheyenne Village

conny bogaard.jpg

Our board hired BowerComm to develop a few marketing materials. Little did we know! Before long we had conducted a community survey that revealed our true marching orders: More engagement and visibility in the community through enhanced relationships with donors, professional advisors and nonprofits.


BowerComm has taken our community foundation to the next level and helped us transition from a transactional organization to a community leader. BowerComm understands community foundations well and has given us the tools to connect with a large audience. 

Conny Bogaard, PhD,  Executive Director
Western Kansas Community Foundation

aubrey abbott.jpg

When I first reached out to Lori I thought I wanted a brand “refresh,” maybe a new logo and a fabulous brochure. What we got was so much better and more powerful. Lori walked us through the steps by asking “Why?” and ultimately we ended with a comprehensive plan that we still use and continuously revise 8 years later. 

Our communications are more intentional, more focused, and more purposeful. Our mailing lists are targeted. We know who are we are trying to reach and why. Best of all, our community's endowment has grown!

Aubrey Abbott Patterson, President and CEO
Hutchinson Community Foundation


We needed to take a critical look at our visual and verbal language, as we were not communicating about ourselves with one clear voice. Lori and her team did a deep dive to gain a 360 view of the organization and took a critical look at our marketing communications to create a holistic, strategic brand direction for us to follow. 

David Jordan,  President
United Methodist Health Ministry Fund


Four years ago, the Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Center was not well known in our community. We realized that something as simple as or organization’s name itself was a deterrent, not an invitation. Through our work with BowerComm, the BrightHouse Board of Directors and staff members were able to clarify how we wanted to be perceived by our community members, which set the tone for our positive rebrand to BrightHouse.

Prior to our work with BowerComm, there were major gaps in our communication with the community as a whole. Our conversations with community members about domestic and sexual violence have increased dramatically, as has our outreach with students and youth. Our mission and vision are clear and invite collaboration with our community.

Donna Davis, Executive Director

John Worden.png

A good partner finds out your problems, where your real pain points are, and then helps you find ways to creatively solve through with multiple options. The BowerComm team got plugged in really quickly and helped us visit with our patient family, boards, and advisory groups. It started with a broad view, and then we tightened in on a viewpoint. Our focus became very clear, very specific, very strategic, and very centered. 

Now our marketing is showcasing the great talents we have, using the resources within our organization. Our employees feel proud to work here, and people in the community say they love what they're seeing.

John Worden, COO
McPherson Center for Health

Jeff summers.jpg

It's not often you come across a person who has the unique ability to take a complex client problem and, on the fly, be able to come up with a number of smart, strategic solutions. That's a skill Lori applied consistently over the 3 years we worked together, and probably the biggest reason why our relationships grew exponentially during that time. 

But with Lori you get so much more. She's honest. She's dedicated. And most importantly, she cares. About her people. About her clients. About doing what's necessary to build something great. That's why those who have an opportunity to work with her will be better off for it, even if it's for those few short minutes where she takes that complex issue and gives you that solution you didn't know existed.

Jeff Summers
Head of Advertising, Ram Trucks

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