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Year-Round Support for Largest Yearly Gathering of Kansans

Kansas State Fair Gets Blue-Ribbon Results

When the Kansas State Fair was on the hunt for a new marketing and communications partner in 2018 , they didn’t have to look very far.

“BowerComm was already on board before I stepped into the Marketing role in 2020, but I could immediately see why they’d chosen to work with a local agency,” said Marla Parsons, Marketing Manager, Kansas State Fair. “This industry and type of event isn’t something many people are familiar with, but the BowerComm transition was so simple. They know our business, they know our product and services, and they know what sells.”

Located in Hutchinson, Kansas, the Kansas State Fair benefits from an “all-hands-on-deck” marketing and communications agency that's located right down the road.

“I feel like every person from BowerComm that has been on our account or has worked with us, has become part of the fair. They love it as much as we do! We love their enthusiasm, and how hard they work. They want it to be a success like we do! They have an RV right on the grounds during the fair, and they’ve become like family.”

Much like other large-scale events, the Kansas State Fair took a big hit during Covid, cancelling all events in 2020. But with the help of BowerComm, the annual celebration of all things Kansas is back and better than ever.

“Our attendance numbers in 2021 were around 281,000, and in 2022 it was 315,000. People want to get back out there and enjoy the fair again. The BowerComm approach and messaging is so positive and uplifting, and the advertising strategies really helped us reach a lot of people.”

Even with an event as well known as the state fair, it’s important to invest in tactics that work, and not just blanket everyone with basic messaging using the same old methods.

“One thing we love about BowerComm is that they help us decide what to do using actual data. They help our dollars go as far as possible and make smart decisions. Our trust level with them is very high.”

While many people have enjoyed attending a state fair, there are very few people who understand the logistics of pulling one off successfully.

“The Kansas State Fair only happens 10 days in one year, but we think about it 24/7/365. We work on planning all year long and must keep top of mind awareness throughout the year. You can’t let your foot off the gas, and BowerComm doesn’t. They’re ‘boots on the ground’ at the fair while at the same time always on the lookout for ways to promote the fair next year. They can spot it just from watching the crowd, jumping in with ticket issues, or whatever comes up. They know about every facet of our business. They’re a wonderful partner.”

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