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Custom Approach, Collective Wisdom

Community Foundation Finds Support and Solutions

Becky Goss knows community foundations. As President/CEO of McPherson County Community Foundation for more than 20 years, she knows the ins and outs of successfully running an organization that “serves the common good for its residents, building strong communities by engaging people in philanthropy and developing a permanent endowment to provide resources, now and for generations to come.”

One reason Becky has been successful is that she knows the value of seeking outside expertise for challenges that arise within the organization.

“We had all these marketing ideas and plans but didn’t have it in a good format to help us move forward. I’d heard really good things about Lori Bower and BowerComm from another community foundation, and I was very interested in the Journey to Yes process. We did our research, and decided it was a smart investment.”

The Journey to Yes program takes organizations through a step-by-step process to discover insights, define messaging and develop strategy.

“Lori has brilliant ideas. At the same time, she really hears what we’re saying, and we bounced ideas back and forth. She doesn’t automatically think that because we’re a community foundation, we’re exactly the same as the next community foundation,” said Becky. “I also enjoyed getting to know other community foundations who were going through the same process, and we could share ideas.”

In addition to helping McPherson County Community Foundation develop a new logo and language, BowerComm also helped the foundation decide if they should hire an in-house communications staff person, and what kind of qualities that person should possess.

“Lori worked with our board and gave us ideas on who the best kind of person would be to hire. We hired someone in November of 2021, and it was great having all those branding pieces in place first,” said Becky. “The Journey to Yes plan helped everyone feel comfortable and ready for the next steps. We’re just over 20 years old and we’re ready for a new level, and a renewed identity. The BowerComm team has been great to work with! They kept us on task and have a wealth of knowledge about so many different things!”

Ready to start your Journey to Yes with BowerComm? Contact us today for a free 45-minute strategy session.


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