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Breaking the Non-Profit Mold

Hutchinson Based Service Organization Goes Bold with Brand

Approaching their 25th Anniversary, Beyond Barriers, a disability support organization, was ready for change. They’d been called Prairie Independent Living Resource Center, but there were some drawbacks to that name.

“With our old brand and messaging, most people didn’t know what services we provided. We’ve been around for 25 years, and there was still a big misconception we were a nursing facility or institution,” said Erica Rivera, Beyond Barriers Executive Director. “We knew we wanted a change but didn’t know how to go about it.”

Erica was familiar with the work of BowerComm and wanted to pursue partnering with them to rebrand the organization. As a non-profit with slim margins, Beyond Barriers didn’t have the budget to invest in such a large undertaking, but they didn’t let that stop them. They applied to the Hutchinson Community Foundation for a grant and received the funds they needed to proceed.

“We’re grateful for the foundation for believing in the work we do. And we believed in the work BowerComm could do. They’re the experts and considered what our vision was. We didn’t even know where to start. I think we’d still be at square one if it wasn’t for BowerComm. Now we have a great new name, new website, new logo, and new language to talk about what we do.”

BowerComm worked with the Beyond Barriers team through the Journey to Yes process, a diligent method to help organizations determine their strengths and needs and craft a message and brand that carries them as far as possible. But the process was not without challenges.

“I think for me, personally, change is scary. It’s scary getting out of your comfort zone, and I don’t know many independent living centers who has made these changes. We were breaking the mold.”

But breaking the mold is exactly what Beyond Barriers is all about—helping people living with disabilities live as independently as possible. And now, their new name reflects the power of the work they do.

“Having board support for this was amazing. It was a team effort, with staff and stakeholders. It’s definitely been for the better of the organization,” said Erica. “It’s given us more possibilities. People feel more energized. I feel a lot more positive about our future. It’s like a fresh start. For so long we’ve felt like an underdog, like we didn’t get the recognition for the great things we do. BowerComm helped us show our pride in what we do.”

Ready to start your Journey to Yes with BowerComm? Contact us today for a free 45-minute strategy session.


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