In spring of 2019, IdeaTek came to us for help with geo-fencing after receiving a Connect America Fund (CAF) grant for rural Reno and Sedgwick Counties. Under our recommendation, IdeaTek shifted their focus to a communications plan for residential offerings to drive people to their service.  

We met with the IdeaTek team and discovered that their story was already very clear. IdeaTek's mission is to serve the underserved when it comes to internet connectivity by fighting for rural communities. They knew their essence, but they needed a big idea to drive creation.


We introduced the idea that IdeaTek provides internet freedom to Kansans through the use of flags.


We worked with a local photographer to create a foundational platform for the campaign and helped IdeaTek shift their messaging from, "we bring you internet" to "setting you free from the barriers of rural accessibility."

After completing the initial communications plan for residential offerings, we have extended it to include businesses as well.

It has also has inspired IdeaTek's internal culture. For example, IdeaTek staff now wear "freedom fighter" badges daily as a reminder of their mission. During the initial COVID-19 outbreak, under our recommendation, IdeaTek continued their mission to provide accessibility to rural communities by providing free drive-up wifi spots to ensure rural Kansans were connected to the internet.


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