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In spring of 2019, IdeaTek came to us asking for help with geo-fencing after receiving a Connect America Fund (CAF) grant for rural Reno and Sedgwick Counties. We recommended IdeaTek shift their focus to a communications plan with the objective of driving residential internet sign-ups.

As we learned more about IdeaTek, we discovered their brand's purpose was already very clear - they exist to provide internet for the underserved. They knew their "why" but were struggling with their "what." Before working with BowerComm, they spent hours of time trying to design, write, and bring to life the important mission at the core of their work, but always seemed to come up short in their communications materials. They were convinced it was because they hadn't found the right designer, writer, or agency - but in truth, they were missing "a big idea."


The BowerComm team started by providing brand positioning options, and landed on the idea that IdeaTek was a Freedom Fighter personality. We brought the idea of freedom to life using flags as our "big idea."


We worked with a local photographer to create the images for the campaign and helped IdeaTek shift their messaging from "we sell fast internet" to "we set you free from the obstacles that limit quality of life in rural areas."

After completing the initial communications plan for residential offerings, we have continued our partnership in many ways. We've completed a lead generation campaign to recruit business customers, helped them launch a new product line in Western Kansas, worked on developing an internal brand ambassador training process, focused on increasing their residential numbers in existing fiber build areas, and helped them with communications related to their free drive-up Wifi locations during the initial weeks of COVID-19.

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Business Brochure

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