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Hutchinson Community Foundation

Hutchinson Community Foundation is one of the largest and oldest community foundations in Kansas, but in 2012, they were struggling with how to communicate their value to the community. When they called us for help, they had several objectives:

• Define the essence of the foundation, and bring it to life in an inspiring way

• Build awareness for and donations to the Fund for Hutchinson, the community’s savings account

• Convince residents to leave 5% of their wealth to charity in their estate plans, with Hutchinson Community Foundation as the steward

Through our brand and marketing planning process, we discovered that the real value of the Foundation is their ability to make people’s generosity go farther. We expressed this through the tagline “Generosity Made Greater,” as well as through a campaign pairing “before and after” icons demonstrating how the Foundation increases the power of generosity.

We freshened their traditional blue and green colors, and created a logo showing that the Foundation is a place that brings people together to make things greater, shown in a green “making greater” symbol.

With a foundation of meaningful messaging and visual expression, we have developed annual marketing communications plans that have met--and exceeded--the initial goals of the Foundation.

"This is Where Our Heart Is" Video

Annual Reports

Match Day Promotions


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