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Go McPherson

McPherson County, Kansas, is known for its strong industrial base and high standard of living in the region. Now they're on the way to becoming the industrial hub of the Great Plains.

Go McPherson Campaign


In March 2016, BowerComm began working with Go McPherson on their initiative to drive traffic to their website, which promotes jobs and lifestyle in McPherson County. The project included a website face lift, and a video series called “McPherson’s On-The-Go” which feature business expansion projects, community amenities, schools, healthcare, and lifestyle.


We began by identifying target audiences, and then we worked within their budget to find the most effective way to reach those individuals and move them to consider McPherson. Paid promotion began for the project in July 2016, and since that time we’ve served more than 10 million ads, with over 35,000 unique visits to the site. 

Our idea was simple: build on the existing "Go McPherson" theme to demonstrate that McPherson is a place on the move. We call this campaign "McPherson's On the Go," and it features interview-style videos highlighting industrial expansions, job opportunities, and community amenities.




Industrial Recruitment Campaign

Following the success of the Go McPherson campaign, the economic development arm of the organization asked us to work on business recruitment communications. We developed a campaign branding McPherson County as the Industrial Hub of the Plains, highlighting McPherson’s unique electrical rate situation, which allows them to offer energy at a cost 26% below the national average. Website Website Website

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Business Outreach

We developed a comprehensive lead generation campaign including digital advertising, email outreach to a custom list, and a video brochure for follow-up. Our efforts resulted in more than 15 meetings in the first two months of the campaign.

Video Brochure
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