After 30 years of service and more than $70,000,000 in grants to improve the health and wholeness of Kansans, the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund had quite a story to tell, but they were struggling to bring their areas of focus to light in their current communications.

Through stakeholder interviews, and a workshop with the board of directors, it became clear that the Health Fund had been a key player for many health-related projects throughout their existence. We decided to develop their brand's essence around the idea that the Health Fund is a catalyst for change. We expressed this through amoeba-like design elements that could transform and reconfigure as needed.

We modernized their color palette and font family to reflect the progressive personality of the organization.


With a fresh look and a solid strategic plan, the Health Fund has been hard at work on their areas of focus -- access to care, early childhood development, and healthy congregations. Now the visual identify and brand story match the bold, visionary work of this organization.

"What Is Health" Brand Anthem Video