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Polished and Performing

Economic Development Organization Realizes Potential with Smart Communications Strategy

With competitive utility rates, ample room for expansion, affordable housing, good schools, and location along a major thoroughfare, McPherson County, Kansas didn’t really need help selling itself---or so it seemed.

We have something really good here, and I love my job and building relationships. But I’m a one-man show. I didn’t fully know all I was lacking when it came to marketing until I talked to BowerComm. I felt like I had all the assets I needed in place, but they showed me what an actual marketing plan could do. I didn’t realize it’s like a science. I don’t think a lot of people really understand that it’s a strategy,” said Kasi Morales, Executive Director at McPherson Industrial Development Company (Go McPherson).

The strategy that BowerComm developed for GoMcPherson allowed Kasi time and capacity to nurture relationships and build new connections.

“It’s freed me up to do more of what I’m good at. I used to try to micromanage it in the beginning, but now I trust the process. I know BowerComm is doing what they're supposed to be doing. It’s like a professional extension of my position. I’ve had other economic development peers take notice and tell me it seems like we have a bigger staff here than we actually do.”

As is the case with marketing and communications campaigns, it can sometimes be difficult to discern which efforts are yielding the most results—unless you have a success story like Go McPherson.

“The hiring of McPherson’s Assistant General Manager was a direct result of our new branding and communications strategy. He and his family were living in Indiana, and his wife came across one of our online ads for relocating to McPherson. She clicked on it, followed through to the website, saw the job posting, liked what she saw about the community, and sent it to him. The rest is history!”

Results are what keep Go McPherson in partnership with BowerComm, and are what drive this economic development organization to keep investing in smart communications strategy.

“BowerComm manages our assets like the stock market. If one area isn’t performing well, they move it, really trying to get us the best bang for our buck. They care about what it is we’re trying to do, and take a personal ownership in our mission. I can’t say anything negative about the work they’ve done for us thus far. BowerComm is like a treasure to me.”

Ready to start your Journey to Yes with BowerComm? Contact us today for a free 45-minute strategy session.


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