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Getting Recruitment Right

Ag Equipment Company Plants Seeds for Future Growth with Communications Strategy

PrairieLand Partners is an agricultural dealership group with 15 locations and 450 employees across the state of Kansas. They’ve got selling tractors down to an art, but what about “selling” their business to new employees?

“We had a marketing strategy for sales, but not recruitment. We hire quite a few people every year, and we needed a marketing strategy for recruitment,” said Abby Stockebrand, Human Resource Business Partner at PrairieLand Partners.

Hiring the right employees is always important and is more crucial than ever given today’s recruitment climate. That’s why they reached out to BowerComm for their unique expertise.

“We went through a whole strategy plan with BowerComm, and they helped us develop our ‘Legendary Careers’ branding for our hiring efforts. It’s really differentiated us from our competitors. It's beneficial to have the language and strategy that meets the unique needs of hiring, which is very different from product sales. It’s still cohesive with our main brand, so they work well together, but it’s two different actions you’re wanting people to take.”

Investment in the development of a specific communications strategy for hiring has smoothed the path and minimized the time needed to create various recruitment materials.

“It created efficiency for us and gave us something to talk about. Our brand is our people and culture and not just equipment sales. We believe our people are our most important asset. Going through the strategic plan with BowerComm was well worth it, because we can use it for years and it still rings true. And it has flexibility to use for multiple avenues of career building, and future building as well."

Abby has also had the opportunity to work with BowerComm over the years through various organizations and volunteer roles and has seen the Journey to Yes process be successful in multiple industries.

"I've seen how their work has transformed other organizations. BowerComm has a good reputation around the region as a premier marketing strategy service you need to work with in order to get your company aligned and give it something it can grow with. The beauty of what BowerComm can do is work with your existing marketing to create a unique strategy and make it look cohesive, so it doesn’t look like different campaigns. It’s not going to look disjointed, and the message will be tailored to your audience’s specific needs.”

Ready to start your Journey to Yes with BowerComm? Contact us today for a free 45-minute strategy session.


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