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Focus on Fundraising

Healthcare Non-Profit Finds Financial Success Through Communications Strategy

When Amy Bower, Director of Development for the McPherson Healthcare Foundation wanted to improve communications for the organization, she knew it wasn't something her team could handle--because she was the only one on her team.

“I’m a one-woman show here. There are limitations when you only have so much capacity. I needed someone to help me put the pieces in place so I could focus on what I am good at and what I bring to the table.”

That’s where BowerComm came in. Amy had heard of their work through McPherson Center for Health and was curious how her organization could benefit from partnering with a full-service strategic communications agency.

“Working with BowerComm really opened my eyes to getting the word out to multiple audiences. Our messaging became more consistent, and we’ve grown our donor base by exploring more options than I could have by myself. Jo (Account Supervisor at BowerComm) became like a part of my team. From day one she took interest in who our audience is, what we do and how we do it. She’s an asset in anything we do and has consulted with us on a lot of things.”

While some might think that hiring a marketing agency means trying to raise “awareness” through conventional methods, BowerComm’s approach gets to the heart of what an organization actually needs---and helps them get there.

"We did a $2 million capital campaign for an MRI unit. It was a huge undertaking. We were trudging through the messaging and had to figure out how to reach people—especially new donors. Jo took the reins and put out a variety of messages on different platforms. BowerComm even helped us do a video card to our largest donors. It made a huge impact! Best of all, new donors became repeat donors. They’re more familiar with what the healthcare foundation does, and they’re more willing to help.”

Choosing to hire outside help is a big decision for any organization, but especially one that operates on such a tight budget.

“I think of it as an investment. There was some pushback from the board at first, but it only took one project to see the value. And BowerComm is very straightforward about the cost and what to expect. They are so valuable way beyond whatever project you’re working on. We’ve really taken some leaps and bounds in the way that we do things, and it’s 100% because I have a resource in BowerComm.”

Ready to start your Journey to Yes with BowerComm? Contact us today for a free 45-minute strategy session.


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