Here's how to prepare for the call.


Here's how to prepare for the call.

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We needed to take a critical look at our visual and verbal language, as we were not communicating about ourselves with one clear voice. Lori and her team did a deep dive to gain a 360 view of the organization and took a critical look at our marketing communications to create a holistic, strategic brand direction for us to follow. 

David Jordan,  President
United Methodist Health Ministry Fund

When I first reached out to Lori I thought I wanted a brand “refresh,” maybe a new logo and a fabulous brochure. What we got was so much better and more powerful. Lori walked us through the steps by asking “Why?” and ultimately we ended with a comprehensive plan that we still use and continuously revise 8 years later. 

Our communications are more intentional, more focused, and more purposeful. Our mailing lists are targeted. We know who are we are trying to reach and why. Best of all, our community's endowment has grown!

Aubrey Abbott Patterson, President and CEO
Hutchinson Community Foundation

Our board hired BowerComm to develop a few marketing materials. Little did we know! Before long we had conducted a community survey that revealed our true marching orders: More engagement and visibility in the community through enhanced relationships with donors, professional advisors and nonprofits.


BowerComm has taken our community foundation to the next level and helped us transition from a transactional organization to a community leader. BowerComm understands community foundations well and has given us the tools to connect with a large audience. 

Conny Bogaard, PhD,  Executive Director
Western Kansas Community Foundation