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In 2016, MegaFab had several major product announcements, and they wanted to make a splash at FABTECH, the premier metal fabrication show. BowerComm helped refine the voice and design elements of their powerful Piranha and Whitney brands to showcase the industry's only 12kW laser cutting machine and their new Piranha press brake line.

Piranha Press Brakes

To generate interest and inquiries for Piranha press brakes, we designed a marketing automation sequence to educate about the EasyCrown(tm) system, the product's differentiating feature. The sequence culminated in testimonial videos from happy customers--and their canine friends.

Whitney 12kW Laser

What's so special about a 12kW laser? It's fast. Mind-blowingly fast.

We helped MegaFab capture the excitement of this industry-leading product.

We developed a content marketing campaign including informational videos and testimonials, deployed via email, media relations, and dealers.


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